Council of Advisors


Jeremy Gregg
Jeremy Gregg

Managing Director,
Arabella Advisors
Maggie John
Maggie John

Strategist, Engineer
Lew Levy
Lew Levy

Technical Test Lead,
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez

Chief Strategy Officer at Arkisys, Board member of Deep Space Ecology & the Norfolk Institute
Cristina Star Ryan
Cristina Star Ryan

Transformative Education
Entrepreneur, Scientist, 
Ethical Leader
Leonard Tramiel
Leonard Tramiel

Scientist, Educator
Elizabeth Varghese
Elizebeth Varghese

People & Technology
Srinivasa Vedanarayanan
Srinivasa Vedanarayanan

Senior Software Engineer,


  • Help develop the Institute’s ability to engage and involve more individuals and/or groups, from all backgrounds, in the life and work of the Institute, and through this work to expose Institute staff and scientists to a broader set of opportunities that would advance the research, outreach and educational impact of the Institute.
  • Bring together a collection of individuals, who share a passion for the SETI Institute’s vision, and who bring unique knowledge and skills that complement and/or augment the Board of Trustees and/or Institute leadership and staff.
  • Provide ongoing advice and assistance - including marketing activities, public relations, external engagement, and fundraising.
  • Critically assess current programs and initiatives, offer input and ideas on program design and implementation, or present ideas for new programs or initiatives.

Member Responsibilities

  • Be an informed advocate of the Institute’s activities, programs, goals, research, and enthusiastically represent and/or promote the Institute with members of their network.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Council, 4 per year.
  • Help plan and support outreach and engagement events of the Institute.
  • Provide candid feedback on written and electronic communications, outreach/engagement activities, strategic plans, fundraising strategies, etc.
  • Demonstrate the SETI Institute a top personal philanthropic priority.
  • Establish relationships with Institute leadership, staff, scientists and other volunteers.
  • Assist with the identification and engagement of individuals and organizations interested in supporting the mission of the Institute.

Member Benefits

  • Access to some of the world’s leading scientists and educators in space science, astrobiology and SETI fields.
  • Put your passion into action by providing meaningful support and expertise.
  • Recognition on the Institute website, in print media, and in public as appropriate.
  • First opportunity to attend, and invite friends and colleagues, to Institute special events and experiences.