Messier Marathon 2022

using Unistellar's eVscope

Tags: Astronomy, Unistellar, eVscope

Time: 04 March - 03 April 2022 -

Location: Everywhere!

Explore the iconic Messier catalog while inspiring people across the world to get excited about astronomy.

From March 4 to April 3, stargazers will gather to celebrate a unique chance to observe celestial objects from the famed Messier catalog.

At Unistellar, we’re encouraging everyone to not only enjoy the iconic Messier objects, but also inspire others to discover space! This is an amazing opportunity to see some of the best objects the night sky has to offer while uniting people around the world to look up at the night sky.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to share your amazing photos with us and join the conversation through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages using the hashtag #UnistellarChallenge!