Science Council

The SETI Institute's Science Council supports the Director of the Carl Sagan Center by advising on science and technology research topics to ensure our work advances the SETI Institute's mission, fosters innovation and keeps the SETI Institute at the forefront of the search for life beyond Earth.

Science Council members are recognized experts in their fields and major contributors to the scientific communities they represent.

Nathalie Cabrol Nathalie Cabrol
Director of the Carl Sagan Center for Research

Astrobiology and Biogeosciences

Janice Bishop

Janice Bishop, Co-chair

Kimberley Warren-Rhodes

Kimberley Warren-Rhodes, Co-chair

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Uma Gorti

Uma Gorti, Co-chair

Bill Sparks

Bill Sparks, Co-chair


Douglas Caldwell

Douglas Caldwell, Co-chair

Meng Jin

Meng Jin, Co-chair

Planetary Exploration

Virginia Gulick

Virginia Gulick, Co-chair

Lori Fenton

Lori Fenton, Co-chair


Andrew Siemion

Andrew Siemion, Co-chair

Laurance Doyle

Laurance Doyle, Co-chair

Science Council Advisors

Margaret Race

Margaret Race

Mark Showalter

Mark Showalter


Michael Busch

Michael Busch

Bettina Forget

Bettina Forget