Xin Liu

Artist in Residence

Conceptual Artist and Curator

Xin is currently the Arts Curator in Space Exploration Initiative in MIT Media Lab, a member of New INC in New Museum and a resident in Queens Museum Artist Studio program. She is recipient of the Van Lier Fellowship, Sundance New Frontiers Story Lab, and Huayu Youth Award Finalist. Her projects have received awards in SXSW, FastCoDesign, and Core77; her academic publications were nominated for best papers in ACM conferences. As a researcher, Xin has worked in Microsoft Research NYC and Asia, and Google ATAP.

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In her practice, Xin creates experiences and artifacts to measure, and modifie the distance and tension between personal, social and technological spaces in a post-metaphysical world: gravity and homeland, sorrow and the composition of tear, gene sequencing and astrology. She has an affinity towards science and technology while remaining vigilant about its idolatry. In the past five years, she examines the illusory prospect of space exploration both within institutions and through her own extraterrestrial experiments. She works collectively in the pursuit of multicultural imaginative, dynamic cosmic views. She insists that “cosmotechnics must not be the recuperation of exoticized, essentialized cultures, but rather a means for a continued proliferation of variation in the relation between cosmology and technology”*. *quote from Prof. Benjamin Bratton.