Eternal Perspective: Session 1

What stands in the way of Christians and whole churches accomplishing the mission Christ left the Church in Matthew 28:18-20? Is it resources, strategy, or leadership? Could it be mission drift or even the effect of sin in our lives?

David Dawson suggests the greatest obstacle to accomplishing our mission has to do with perspective. Specifically, keeping our lives in the proper perspective of eternity. Romans 12:2 teaches that there is a pattern to this world – a rhythm really – and that as Christians we are not to conform to it, but be transformed. In doing so, churches everywhere can produce disciple makers who are able to reproduce faith in the lives of others, who are able to do so in others. This is the strategy of Equipping the Saints, and of relational discipleship.

In this first session of ETS, we consider the 5 W’s of relational discipleship:

WHAT: Casting a vision to accomplish the Great Commission
HOW: By making disciple makers
WHEN: Each and every day
WHERE: Our future is one destined for Judgement and Eternity
WHO: Every single Christian
WHY: Because Ours is the Ministry of Reconciliation

Check out these slides from session 1: ETS-SessionOne-Perspective