Becoming the City on a Hill

Something is not right with the world… and it seems we feel it more right now. Bombs exploding in airports, racial strife, chaos in the streets and an assault on law enforcement. Civil wars driving a generation of children into exile as orphans.

If there was ever a moment where the church of Jesus Christ needs to stop with our program and routine and just sit under the weight of the Gospel it is now. To remind ourselves of what we truly believe. And beg God ā€“ I mean plead with him like they did in the Psalms – to show us just how is the church meant to respond to the culture and times in which we live.

Not just to survive it ā€“ but for the church to be the community of faith that Jesus commissioned us to be. How does the church become that shining light ā€“ that city set upon a hill?

Becoming the City on a Hill from FBCA Discipleship & Missions on Vimeo.

Sermon by Joel Harder delivered at First Baptist Church of Alexandria, August 7, 2016. Visit for more information.