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Election Day | Three Ways to Pray

The midterm election is almost upon us. For many in the political arena working feverishly in the final hours, November 6 couldn’t come soon enough. Much is yet known about how things will go on November 6, but one thing is certain, November 7 is just one day later. On November 7, we will know who the people of Oklahoma

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For Election Day: An Old Command

Living in a representative democracy is an extraordinary blessing. As citizens, we each get a vote and we each have a voice. It’s not the case everywhere and wasn’t true in many nations throughout history. It wasn’t true at the time when much of the Bible was written. What can the Bible teach us about using our voice at times

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Certainty of Christian Hope

***TRANSCRIPT*** We’ve seen the despair and brokenness in the world… Humanitarian crises like the Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn country, racial tension relentlessly confronting cities across our nation, and what certainly seems like hopeless political division in our country, and yet Christian HOPE declares to me that one day the lion to lay down with the lamb (Isaiah 11:6). A

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Rest is For Our Good

Summer is in full swing and social media feeds are crowded with pictures of road trips and family vacations. Pictures depicting fun adventures visiting exotic places and discovering the beauty of this world while others show a simpler time away from work and hanging with family. Whatever your preference for vacation, drinking deep from the well of rest will restore

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