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Article and Quote | Leaders celebrate holy book with Bible reading

“The enduring impact of the Bible on history is unparalleled across generation and culture. The state Capitol represents the public square, and we are grateful to continue this tradition in 2019 and years to come,” Harder said to kick off the event.

Article and Quote | Public Bible reading for ‘Celebration of the Bible’ is set

“The enduring impact of the Bible on history is unparalleled across generation and culture. The virtues of love, humility, and kindness inspired millions to work for the good of others and seek justice for the marginalized that changed history,” Harder said in a news release. “This public reading brings Oklahoma leaders to the Capitol to share favored biblical passages.”

Article and Quote | Don’t waste opportunity to accept Christ, ex-mob boss says

“We humbly place Oklahoma in your hands. We trust in the great God of the ages and matchless power of prayer,” Harder said during his prayer.

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Baptist Messenger OpEd | Prayer More Powerful than Politics

Article and Quote | Harder delivers the prayer for the City & State at the CBMC Metro Prayer Breakfast. 

“We humbly place Oklahoma City and our entire state in the hands of the great Redeemer,” Harder said in his prayer for the city and state.

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The advent of the technology age brings with it one of the most incredible resources – the internet, of course – being used by the Church to advance the Kingdom of God. Follow the links below to online resources, ministries, churches, blogs, theologians and preachers that mean a lot to me and continually speak God’s truth into the current events of the day.

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